More comfort with pure energy

Newest innovation of solar thermalsolution

  • Non-stop capturing of solar energy

  • Integrated water storage vessel with vacuum isolation

  • High efficiency due to special solar absorbent coating

  • Modulair design fits every roof

  • Keeps the rest of the roof free for solar PV or skylights


The SunRidge is a unique and innovative solar collector which can be mounted on the ridge of a roof. This product capturing a maximum amount of solar thermal radiation in order to produce hot tap water for domestic use. The SunRidge contains an internal water storage vessel which has a special vacuum isolation to sustain the highest possible thermal efficiency. Since the SunRidge is mounted on the ridge the rest of the roof can be used for solar PV, skylights and other objects.

Due to its unique shape and position on the roof, the orientation of the house with respect to the sun is not an issue any more. Independent of the orientation the solar collector will always keep his maximum and optimal solar irradiation.


The SunRidge system contains multiple interconnected solar modules where the system inlet has to be connected to the cold tap water connection and the outlet of the system to the hot side of the in-house water circuit. Since the system inlet is directly coupled with the cold tap water circuit, additional components such as pumps and control systems are not needed anymore. This makes the system sustainable, efficient, silent and robust.

About us

SunRidge B.V. is a young and dynamic company that was invented and developed by the engineering company De Beijer RTB B.V. This company, which was found by Henk de Beijer, is already for 36 years specialized in innovative research and development of new product-market combinations on the area of sustainable energy. Multiple inventions of De Beijer RTB B.V. has been brought and adopted by the market and are currently sold by international companies. The company contains, due to its history of product development, an enormous amount of insight and knowledge in developing and producing high quality sustainable products.


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The SunRidge is currently in its final development phase and has reached the point of entering the market. We will keep you informed by our digital newsletter by giving you the latest information about technics and current selling locations.

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